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I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Brandeis University, specializing in using NMR to study protein structural dynamics. This websites solely reflects my own views, and not those of Brandeis or HHMI.

I can be reached at sparky (a t ) mwclarkson.com .

Many of my peer-reviewed articles are available online:

Morrison, E., DeKoster, G., Dutta, S., Vafabakhsh, R., Clarkson, M.W., Bahl, A., Kern, D., Ha, T., & Henzler-Wildman, K. (2011). Antiparallel EmrE exports drugs by exchanging between asymmetric structures Nature, 481 (7379), 45-50 DOI: Read online at Nature. Read my post on this paper.

Bosco DA, Eisenmesser EZ, Clarkson MW, Wolf-Watz M, Labeikovsky W, Millet O, Kern D. “Dissecting the microscopic steps of the cyclophilin A enzymatic cycle on the biological HIV-1 capsid substrate by NMR”. J Mol Biol. 2010 Nov 12;403(5):723-38. Epub 2010 Aug 12. PubMed PMID: 20708627. Read online at JMB. Read my post on this paper.

Gardino AK, Villali J, Kivenson A, Lei M, Liu CF, Steindel P, Eisenmesser EZ, Labeikovsky W, Wolf-Watz M, Clarkson MW, Kern D. “Transient non-native hydrogen bonds promote activation of a signaling protein”. Cell. 2009 Dec 11;139(6):1109-18. Read online at Cell. My post on this paper.

Fraser JS, Clarkson MW, Degnan SC, Erion R, Kern D, Alber T. “Hidden alternative structures of proline isomerase essential for catalysis”. Nature. 2009 Dec 3;462(7273):669-73. Read online at Nature. Read online for free at PubMed Central (after 3 June 2010). My post on this paper.

Clarkson MW, Lei M, Eisenmesser EZ, Labeikovsky W, Redfield A, Kern D. “Mesodynamics in the SARS nucleocapsid measured by NMR field cycling”. J Biomol NMR. 2009 Sep;45(1-2):217-25. Read online at JBNMR. Read online for free at PubMed Central. My post on this paper.

DeRose EF, Clarkson MW, Gilmore SA, Galban CJ, Tripathy A, Havener JM, Mueller GA, Ramsden DA, London RE, Lee AL. “Solution structure of polymerase mu’s BRCT Domain reveals an element essential for its role in nonhomologous end joining”. Biochemistry. 2007 Oct 30;46(43):12100-10. Read online at Biochemistry. Read online for free at PubMed Central.

Clarkson MW, Gilmore SA, Edgell MH, Lee AL. “Dynamic coupling and allosteric behavior in a nonallosteric protein”. Biochemistry. 2006 Jun 27;45(25):7693-9. Read online at Biochemistry. Read online for free at PubMed Central.

Partch CL, Clarkson MW, Ozgür S, Lee AL, Sancar A. “Role of structural plasticity in signal transduction by the cryptochrome blue-light photoreceptor”. Biochemistry. 2005 Mar 15;44(10):3795-805. Read online at Biochemistry.

Clarkson MW, Lee AL. “Long-range dynamic effects of point mutations propagate through side chains in the serine protease inhibitor eglin c”. Biochemistry. 2004 Oct 5;43(39):12448-58. Read online at Biochemistry.

Hu H, Clarkson MW, Hermans J, Lee AL. “Increased rigidity of eglin c at acidic pH: evidence from NMR spin relaxation and MD simulations”. Biochemistry. 2003 Dec 2;42(47):13856-68. PubMed PMID: 14636053. Read online at Biochemistry.

Rembold CM, O’Connor M, Clarkson M, Wardle RL, Murphy RA. “Selected contribution: HSP20 phosphorylation in nitroglycerin- and forskolin-induced sustained reductions in swine carotid media tone”. J Appl Physiol. 2001 Sep;91(3):1460-6.

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