About the Content Categories


Posts that are about peer-reviewed research:

Posts that describe peer-reviewed research papers will meet the guidelines of Research Blogging.org and be designated by title graphics that indicate both this and the intended content style (whether I actually manage to write on that level is a matter I invite you to comment on).

Walkthrough: A walkthrough is a thorough examination of a peer-reviewed research article, open access whenever possible, that carefully goes through each figure and the research argument in order to make a very clear guide for the lay person who is not familiar with reading research papers.


Basic: A post designated “Basic” should be intelligible to a reader without an extensive scientific background. This category is for posts that convey the gist of a scientific article without necessarily examining every single figure or how they all work together.


Advanced: The “Advanced” category is for posts that assume some amount of knowledge of a field, for instance what “chemical shift” means in the context of NMR. An advanced post should be intelligible to anyone who has completed college with at least some science coursework.


Expert: The “Expert” designation is for posts that demand a substantial familiarity with a particular field, its methods, and the significant issues of the moment. This is most likely to happen with NMR articles, as that is my area of expertise. Graduate students and active workers in the relevant research field should be able to follow these posts.


Please note: these tags are not comments on the reader’s intelligence, merely the intended audience’s familiarity with scientific papers or the particular subject. “Basic” posts are not for idiots, and “Expert” posts are not necessarily for geniuses.

Posts that are not about peer-reviewed research:

Commentary: These are opinion pieces. I like to believe they are grounded in facts and the operation of a capable intellect, but they are not discussions of individual or many peer-reviewed research papers.

Site News: Site News posts are articles about the site itself and will have no graphic.

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