Nov 082007
I noted in a previous post on the persistence of oseltamivir in the environment that most known mutations conferring oseltamivir resistance also diminished the infectivity of H5N1 influenza. Unfortunately, new research seems to have proven me wrong on that point. The good folks at Effect Measure have a post up about a recent paper from researchers at St. Jude’s indicating that at least some of the mutations that confer resistance to tamiflu preserve neuraminidase activity. Check it out.

For those of you at academic or industrial institutions that have online journal access, read the article:
Yen HL, Ilyushina NA, Salomon R, et al. “Neuraminidase inhibitor-resistant recombinant a/vietnam/1203/04 (H5N1) influenza viruses retain their replication efficiency and pathogenicity in vitro and in vivo.” J Vir 2007:81(22); 12418-12426.

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